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  • terraced house long building with many houses
  • double glazing two layers of glas in the window
  • throughout thru all
  • stain spot, smear, dirty mark
  • wooden floor parquet
  • period property house built in old times
  • plumber person working with pipes or tubes holding water
  • carpenter worker using tools as hammer saw or wood
  • master bedroom largest room for double beds
  • estate agent broker suppling houses for sale
  • airy light and feeling big
  • duvet cover sheet to put a thick "blanket" into
  • above over
  • settee like double chair or tiny sofa
  • flower pot a vase with dirt to keep the roots of a flower growing
  • a green thumb good at gardening
  • tidy up put things in their correct places
  • in a mess untidy
  • stale food old or dried left overs
  • wipe clean
  • cloth piece of fabrics to clean with
  • smarten up put things nicely in a room
  • What's the point what is the reason for it
  • vacuum cleaner machine that sucks up dirt from the floors
  • next to by
  • dress put your clothes on
  • along following down by
  • below under
  • has brought took with him or her
  • immediatly directly
  • cottage small house
  • tiny very little

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