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Vanligtvis används alla ord som finns i en övning när du förhör dig eller spelar spel. Här kan du välja om du enbart vill öva på ett urval av orden. Denna inställning påverkar både förhöret, spelen, och utskrifterna.

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  • sled sleigh rides on snow
  • fur Skin hair on animals
  • devoted faithful won't leave his master
  • husky eskimo wolf look alike dog
  • cautiously careful wary
  • pain ache hurt
  • injured harmed
  • without thinking twice didn't think before acting
  • powerful sharp, strong
  • strip of iron narow metal (Fe) piece
  • brace support rest
  • crack creavice oblong narrow hole in stone, fissure cleavage
  • rub scrape wipe chafe
  • stroke a move
  • blind dazzle can't see because of the sun
  • reflection mirror a light back at something
  • suspiciously watch carefully ready to attack
  • suffering infliction
  • dragging movements släpande rörelser
  • wept tears ran
  • thickening not thin
  • throat body between head and shoulder
  • suffer sustain pain
  • strike hit
  • sob cry in a way
  • curse imprecate damn swear
  • stumble stabber totter
  • growl snarl dog show teeth make horrible sound
  • circle walk around
  • defenseless can't protect oneself from attacs
  • creep up from behind crawl on all four from behind
  • the rattle of saliva whizzing mouth water sound
  • savage cruel wild
  • pray silent talk with God a wish
  • breath air from your mouth
  • lick suck with your tounge around your mouth
  • the coast patrol police guarding shore and sea
  • gleam shine
  • shiny glossy well cleaned
  • a dark, still shape shadowy motionless figure
  • unconsciuos comlpeatly out in a dead faint not moving at all
  • whine whimper moan crying sound
  • stuck point first med spetsen instucken
  • quiver tremble shiver can't be without motion

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