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  • what is religion? the belief in something sacred, a higher power. god does not exist
  • the different causes for why things are as they are? material (what is it made of), formal (what is it), efficient (who made it) final (what is it for)
  • aristotle was a... natural philosopher
  • darwin was a... mechanic philosopher
  • geocentrism earth is in the middle of the universe
  • nicolas copernicus was known for... heliocentric worldview
  • heliocentric worldview means? the sun is in the middle
  • galileo galilei accepted copernicus idea
  • a quote from einstein? science without religion is lame. religion without science is blind.
  • creationism is... the literal creation story in religious scriptures
  • young-earth creationism the book of genesis is correct
  • old-earth creationism? god has intervened and played an active role
  • progressive creationsim using the scientific timeline to confirm the creation timeline
  • day-age creationism each day in the bible is a metaphor for a longer time period
  • omnipotent all powerfull
  • omniscient all knowing
  • omnibenevolent all good
  • anselm of canterbury we still believe in god, therefore he exists
  • thomas aquino yes
  • william paley god exists, the watchmaker analogy
  • miracles are... events having religious significance
  • hume was... against the existence of miracles

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