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  • Tap metal device in kitchen from where the water runs BR
  • faucet metal device in kitchen from where the water runs AM
  • bath big bowl you can step into a lay yourself to relax in the water
  • bathmat a tiny carpet in the bath room
  • front door where you enter into a house
  • radiator a metallic device mounted below the window that heats the room
  • chair a piece of furniture by a table on which you sit
  • wallpaper decorates with patterns and colors and glued on all the walls in a room
  • picture like a photo hanging on the wall but mostly drawn or painted
  • sofa an armchair for two or more people like a couch
  • coffee table a low piece of furniture in front of a sofa used for snacks while sitting in the sofa
  • light switch a thing to press on the wall which you turn a lamp on or off with
  • power point holes in the wall that provide electricity if you plug a device into it
  • cushion a pillow for decoration
  • bookcase a piece of furniture with many shelves intended to store books in
  • standard lamp a tall lamp standing on the floor
  • rug a small type of carpet
  • sideboard a low long cupboard to keep your nice silverware, plates or cups
  • hat stand a tall device standing on the floor on which you hang clothes
  • coat rack a piece of furniture mounted on the wall to hang clothes on
  • apartment Am word for flat (for living in a high rise)
  • closet Am word in which you hang your clothes (wardrobe in BR)
  • shade a curtain that rolls up and down to keep light out (AM)
  • bathtub Am word for bath

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