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Vanligtvis används alla ord som finns i en övning när du förhör dig eller spelar spel. Här kan du välja om du enbart vill öva på ett urval av orden. Denna inställning påverkar både förhöret, spelen, och utskrifterna.

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  • wardrobe a large cupboard where clothes are kept
  • chest of drawers a floor standing piece of furniture which has box shaped containers to be pulled in and out. you keep clothes in it
  • drawer open square shaped container that you pull in and out and store things in
  • curtains fabrics hanging in front of the windows
  • blinds hides the window from light, if pulled down it will keep the room dark (BR)
  • window sill you can put a pot of flowers on this so the see daylight
  • bedside table small piece of furniture that you can put things in/on that you need when wakening
  • bed a piece of furniture made for sleeping
  • shades hides the window from light, if pulled down it will keep the room dark (Am)
  • bedspread Fabric that covers all the bed in the day
  • pillow Soft, square cushion which you place your head on when sleeping. If not Pippi Longstocking who places her feet on it. :-)
  • duvet Fabrics in two layers filled with bird feathers to keep you really warm. You cover yourself with it when sleeping.
  • Sheet thin often white piece of cloth in your bed, that you lay yourself on when sleeping
  • toilet A porcelin chair in the bathroom filled with water that flushes and in which you pee.
  • towel a piece of cloth you use to dry yourself with after washing your hands
  • mirror Glas with foil at the back in which you can look at yourself
  • washbasin porcelin bowl stuck to the wall in the bathroom in which you wash your hands
  • shower a tap/faucet like umbrella from where the water runs down on the person washing himself

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