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  • be in trouble be in pretty pass
  • the earth our globe/ where we live
  • believe faith
  • fault error
  • rise rise, increasing
  • occur happen
  • due to because of
  • fossil fules energy to run engines like gas
  • carbon dioxide Co2
  • absorb suck in
  • deforesation cut down trees in the woods
  • breathe respire, suck in and blow out air
  • oxygen chemical air
  • greenhouse effect cold frame outcome
  • cause produce
  • soil where worms live, dust
  • flooding overflow
  • landslide moving areas of mud
  • raise rear farm
  • domestic in the house
  • flora plant land
  • fauna animal land
  • extinct make everything go away
  • increase gain groth rise
  • number amount
  • hurricane very strong wind
  • flow of ice icy water
  • glacier area of ice that might move or melt
  • drought aridity very dry climate
  • heat wave very hot climate
  • polar bear white big ice living Winnie the Puh
  • bulb incandescent lamp
  • regular ordinary
  • appliance apparatus, device
  • unplug disconnect the cable
  • charger load battery with electricity
  • waste lavish or over use
  • coach motor coach
  • locally this place, habitat
  • grain seeds
  • aviod keep away from
  • tap water H2O from the faucet
  • recycle use again
  • firework pyrotechnis use to celebrate New Year's Eve
  • damage destroy
  • proverb idiom or saying

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