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  • Tree growing round red or green fruit with thin peel apple
  • Tree growing woman shaped green fruit with thin peel pear
  • this fruit's fluid is yellow and tastes well in the morning orange
  • yellow moon shaped fruit banana
  • small sheaf growing blue, green fruit dried as raisins or fluid as wine grapes
  • squized fruit drink juice
  • green footboll shaped leaves on top of each other lettuce
  • green oblong vegetable containing much water grows on the ground cucumber
  • red vegetable used for ketchup tomato
  • vegetable - raw material for chips potato
  • (dairy) first layer on an open sandwich butter
  • overcooked milk that can be sliced cheese
  • pann cake assessory / boiled berries and lots of suger make jam
  • an egg's baby chicken
  • pig part put on a sandwich ham
  • boiled and smoked meat ingredients put into a gut or thin skin sausage
  • big roll that can be sliced to make a sandwich loaf (of bread)
  • sweat bread often with cinnamon in Sweden bun
  • piece of bread for one person roll
  • mjuk kaka, tårta cake
  • two slices of bread with filling in between sandwich
  • carbonated syrup softdrink(B.E.) soda, pop(A.E.)
  • thin sliced waffle shaped potato product crisps(B.E.) potato chips (A.E)
  • small, sweet, crispy and dry bread biscuit (B.E.) cookie (A.E.)
  • sugary tasty colorful crispy or tenacious unhealthy, tiny pieces that can be purchased everywhere sweets (B.E.) candy (A.E.)
  • vegetable that is cut rod shaped and the fried in unhealthy oil. Popular at McDonald's chips (B.E) French fries (A.E.)
  • thick milk (dairy) product used as topping on cakes vispgrädde
  • boiled dairy product soft spreadable on sandwiches cream cheese
  • interior of an egg without color white
  • An egg's yellow core containing the first stage of a chicken yolk
  • big bird served at Thanksgiving in the US turkey
  • meat from a cow beef
  • meat from a pig pork
  • round brown fried cow product served with lingon berries at IKEA meatballs
  • fried or barbecued piece of meat steak
  • liquid served as a salsa with a steak gravy
  • tiny moon shaped fish boiled red at sea on board the fishing boat shrimps
  • pink large fish considered healthy due to Omega 3 fat salmon
  • hard dried typical Swedish open sandwich first layer crispbread
  • white sweet and salty look alike spice caster suger
  • sweet powder look alike flour used as decoration on Danish pasteries icing sugar
  • birthday bread maybe with candles cake
  • Flour look alike yeast which make a cake grow in the oven baking powder
  • powdery white main ingredient for making bread flour
  • tiny bread crumb alike pieces eaten with milk in the morning cereals
  • yellow salsa with vanila flavor custard
  • green berry somewhat velvet like peel growing on bushes that might sting gooseberries
  • white round onion gives awful smelling breath garlic

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