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  • euthanasia Help a severly ill humanunable to kill her/himself, to commit suicide
  • mercy killing help a person to die who is in unbearable pain with no chances of recovering
  • incurable impossible with all known means to become well again
  • prevent to stop an infection before by it is really hitting you
  • euthanasia help ill person to kill himself
  • impossible to get well from illness incurable
  • stop something before it hits prevent
  • pills that lessens areas that hurt painkillers
  • feel anxiety or depression be in agony
  • ease or lessen pain bring relief
  • duty or liability to do something obligation
  • elongate, extend or lengthen something prolong
  • harmed or partly broken damaged
  • senseless or out of reach from people closeby, as dead unconscious
  • things or machines that help keep a person alive life-support-equipment
  • deadly fatal
  • with purpose or purposely deliberately
  • insist on, keep saying your opinion argue
  • purposely end your own life commit suicide
  • (at) the end of something terminal
  • well-founded, legitimate justified
  • count or see how small or big something is measure
  • handicapped or crippled disabled
  • endurance, infliction or hurting suffering
  • can stand, tolerable or livable bearable

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