the great gatsby ch 1-2 vocab

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Vanligtvis används alla ord som finns i en övning när du förhör dig eller spelar spel. Här kan du välja om du enbart vill öva på ett urval av orden. Denna inställning påverkar både förhöret, spelen, och utskrifterna.

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  • privy sharing the knowledge of something secret or private
  • feign pretend to be affected by a feeling, state or injury
  • levity humor of a serious matter
  • supercilious behaving or looking as through one thinks he is superior to others
  • effeminate unmanly, showing characteristics of a women
  • cynical believing that people are motivated by self interest
  • libel a published false statement that is damaging a persons reputation
  • grotesque comically ugly or disorted
  • solemn formal and dignified
  • vitality the state of being strong & active, energy
  • smoldering the process of burning slowly with smoke but no flame
  • disdain the feeling that someone or something unworthy of ones consideration or respect
  • flounce go or move in an exaggerately impatient or angry manner
  • strident lound and harsh, grating
  • a wave move ones hand to and fro in greeting or as a signal
  • conscientious careful, painstaking, particular
  • inredulous indicating or showing unbelief
  • reciprocal mutual, corresponding, matching
  • wan of an unnatural or sicly pallor, lacking color
  • complacement often without awareness of some potential danger or defect, self satisfied
  • intimation make known subtly and indirectly hint
  • infinite indefinetely or exceedingly large
  • anon in a short time, soon
  • contigious connecting without a break, uninterrupted
  • facet aspect, phase, side
  • cower to crouch, as in fear or shame
  • interpose to step in between parties at variance
  • apathetic not interested or concerned
  • languid lacking in spirit or interest
  • imply to indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated
  • strident having a shrill, irritating quality or character
  • deft nible, skillful, clever
  • clad dressed, covered

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